Mengapa Memaki Bahasa Indonesia Sebagai Sarana Berkomunikasi?

Sebelum membahas mengenai mengapa harus memakai bahasa Indonesia sebagai alat sarana komunikasi, ada perlunya membahas tentang komunikas... [Read More]

Softskill Membuat Kalimat

Many devices use microcontroller. Microcontroller : A microcontroller is a small computer (SoC) on a single integrated circuit containin... [Read More]

Tugas Softskill 2 Subject dan Verb

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I went to Ragunan zoo about few years ago. In there you can see many animals, because it’s a zoo. When I get inside, I thought it w... [Read More]

Definition of Application letter, Inquiry letter, Complaint letter, and Purchase order letter

Application Letter             If you are applying for an advertised position, have the ad in front of you and refer to it frequently... [Read More]